2020 Diamonds In the Rough Golf Event – Registration FAQ

Do I have to register a full team?

Yes, right now registration is only open to full teams. We will open registration to single golfers in February if we still have slots available.

How do I pay for registration?

All payments will be processed through PayPal. At the end of your registration there will be a “Buy Now” button that will take you out to PayPal. Once there you can login to your PayPal account, or just enter your credit card information.

Can I change golfers in my team after I have completed registration?

Yes! Golfer names can be changed up to 2 weeks before the event (April 11th) without charge. Changes in the 2 weeks before the event may include a $20 change fee. If you don’t know who is going to play in your team yet, you can always register now and then add your team member names later.

Do I need my team member’s GHIN numbers to register?

No, you can add GHIN numbers after registration is complete.

Are GHIN numbers required to play in the tournament?

No, GHIN numbers are only used to determine the flights for the tournament.  Players without GHIN numbers are welcome to play!

Do I need my team member’s email addresses to register?

No, you can add email addresses after registration is complete. We will follow up after you have registered if you have missing or invalid emails for your teammates.

Does every golfer have to get the same add-ons or can each team member choose what to purchase?

There are two package deals for you to choose from or you can choose individual items. The package deals offer a better value over selecting individual items but they are standard across your entire team. If you do not want a package deal, you can select “Golf Foursome” as the base and then add as many HOT Passes and Friday Night Event tickets as you need.