2019 HOT Inaugural Donors

In the Fall of 2019, the HOT Inaugural Donor Initiative was launched.  This initiative was designed by our board member, Harvey Garte.   The intent was to raise seed money for HOT, and the minimum required donation was $50 per person.  The HOT board members and friends of HOT spread the word and we successfully raised $7,275.  We are grateful for the generous support of our 124 Inaugural Donors, which enabled us to begin making a difference in the West Valley of Phoenix.

Alan & Marissa Robinson
Amy Hayslett
Andie Goff & Carl Sherer
Barb & Matt Huffman
Barbara Dorn
Barbara Murray
Becca Simon
Beth & Wendy McGee
Betsy Bolton
Betty & Joe Moore
Bob & Deanna Herrin
Bonnie Bartlett
Brian Mock
Carol Kinney & Ron Jones
Carolyn & Marc Bernstein
Carrie Rosencrans
Chris & Terri McDevitt
Christine Imhof
Cindy & David Yackowski
Cindy Adair
Claudia & Doug Bredow
Dale Singh
Danielle Knowles
Dawn Weiland
Deb Geiger
Denise Carter
Don McCarthy
Donna & John Walker
Doris & Marc Rhodes
Elisabeth Woosley
Gail Goodwin
Jan Shaffer
Janet & Pete Tumminelli
Janet Stacey
Jill & Bill Brogdon
Joann & Anthony Pence
JoAnn Ropel
Joanne Verbeck
Julie Petersen
Kathleen Farnsworth
Kathleen Goswitz
Kathy Berrens
Kelly Tronnier
Kim & Gary Gudex
Kit & Dave Mahnke
Kris & Peter Condy
LaDonna Mourne
Laura & Kenneth Mott
Laurie & Lee Schutze
Laurie Carlson
Linda & Gaston Carrasco
Linda Atchison
Linh Lam & Ed Rea
Loretta D’Addone
Lorrey Palmer
Lorrie Murphy
Luanne McCarthy
Marliss Erickson
Mavis McLynn & Gregg Moss
Melissa & Rick Dungan
Nancy & Dennis Goettsch
Nancy Prudente
Nancy Sarmento
Norman Fischer
Pam Brown
Pam Katz
Pamela Rothermel
Pattie & Douglass Johnson
Paula Dennis & Nan Kivi
Peggy Moloney
Pete & Sharon Stabulonis
Rebecca Horvath
Renee Young
Robin Wallmeyer
Shari Noble
Sharon & Rob Meissner
Sharon & William Wefring
Shelly Hornback
Sloan Clack
Stephanie & John Fox
Susan & Harvey Garte
Sylvia Nist
Thomas O’hearn
Tina & Peter Hutchison
Transportation Services NW
Vicki & Sully Sullivan
Wilma Phillips
Yvonne & Bruce Schumacher

Donation Totals