COVID-19 Response: Washable & Re-usable Non-Surgical Masks

During these challenging times, it will take all of us together to do our part to fight the spread of COVID-19. Making face masks is one way for us to contribute while staying safe in our homes.  Helping Others Together (HOT) Community Foundation is joining the national effort to provide non-surgical masks to protect our health care workers and our community. Our initial goal is to make 500 masks.  Due to demand, we have increased our goal to 5,000 masks

We have already started assembling kits and distributed some out to volunteers to sew.  Each kit will include the materials for 5 masks, with pre-cut fabric and elastic.  The kits will be left outside for a quarantine period to ensure that they are virus free. Those that want to sew them can then come and pick them up, sew and return!  The completed masks will be sanitized before they are distributed.

If you know health care workers or other community members that are in need of face masks, please share this page with them.

We are accepting donations for this project.  The link below will take you to a PayPal screen where you can use your PayPal account or your credit card to donate. A PayPal account is not required!

We appreciate your support.  Working together we make a difference!

Mask Progress

Status # Masks
On Hold 200
Ready to Sew 590
Sewing in Progress 590
Ready to Distribute 215
Distributed 589
Total 2184

Ways to Help

Volunteer to sew masks


Make a financial donation


Request Finished Masks


Donate elastic


How to make Face Masks

Since the mask kits will include pre-cut fabric, we ask that everyone follow the same tutorial.  This tutorial was originally from Button Counter and has been modified to fit our needs.  Click the button below to download a PDF of the instructions.

Mask Tutorial

Kits 101+ have a new design! Make sure to watch the video below on how to make them before you get started.

New Mask Tutorial

Thank you for your contributions!!


Beth & Wendy McGee
Diana Deux
Mary Ann & Gerry Bartley
Laurie & Pete Carlson
Carol Kinney
Mary Scieszinski
Chris Sampson
Shelia Knapp
Donna & John Walker
Nancy Sarmento
Mavis McLynn
Stephanie & John Fox
Yvonne Schumacher
Karen Bornn
Bobbi Adler
Laurie Baxter
Lorenz Steer
Christine Imhof
Debra Dodson
Jianbo Yu
Matt Huffman
Sterling Shelton
Stephanie & Dean Schwartz
Denise Fallon
John Remington
Adriane Olsen
Sandra Merritt
Michelle & Ray Himmelberg
Renee & Michelle Young
Dottie Southard
Gina Worch
Deb Squires
Janis Loucks
Tom & Dave Curtice
Betsy & Mark Bolton
Camille Hunter
Racquel Armenta
David Cloer
Maria Elsa Perez
Betty Moore
Carolyn Miller
Wendy Brown
Pam Brown
Ginny Browning
Pete Stabulonis
Linda King
The Greysons
Kendra Savage
Sara ONeil
Nancy Goettsch
Rebecca Hejtmanek
Colette Wright
Teresa Moore
Denise Fallon
Stephen McDonald

Amy Lavery
Anne Hawks
Ariel Janzen
Barb Corless
Barb Lee
Becca Simon
Beth McGee
Betsy Bolton
Brenda Byrd
Cheryl Duhamell
Cheryl Karba
Cindy Shields
Cindy Yackowski
Claudia Bredow
Debbie Carmer
Debbie Langton
Debbie Pond
Jan Loucks
Janice Jahne
Jennifer Franjevic
Jill Caceres
Joanne Pence
Joy Cook
Julie Petersen
Kathy Berens
Kathy Carlson
Kathy Goswitz
Kathy Williams
Kit Mahnke
Kris Condy
LaRae Weikert
Lauri Swami
Laurie Carlson
Linda Barber
Linda King
Lisa Bohannan
Lolita Yoder
Lori DeWolfe
Lorrie Murphy
Louise Major
Luanne McCarthy
Lynne Ulsh
Mary Noel Kaiser
Mary Scieszinski
Nancy Buthorn
Nancy Nemeth
Nancy Prentiss
Nina Verkaik
Pat Midkiff
Paula Moore
Peggy Moloney
Rebecca Horvath
Sarah Davis
Shari Turner
Sloan Clack
Susan Rich
Susan Shebitz
Susy Aleman
Trina Hirschfield
Vicki Sullivan
Wendy McGee