COVID-19 Response: Non-Surgical Face Masks

During these challenging times, it will take all of us together to do our part to fight the spread of COVID-19. Making face masks was one way for us to contribute while staying safe in our homes.  Helping Others Together (HOT) Community Foundation joined the national effort to provide non-surgical masks to protect our health care workers and our community. Our initial goal was to make 500 masks and we far exceeded that by creating over 11,000 masks in our initial run and almost 14,000 total.

Our sewing machines were silent for short time, however the HOT Board met in July and decided to resume production of masks.  “Due to the generous donations from the community, as well a commitment from the dedicated seamstresses and other production workers, we approved the making of another 2,900 masks,” says Nancy Prentiss, HOT Board Member. “We all agreed that making masks would ease the financial burden on healthcare facilities and school districts in the area.”

Materials were prepped by our Production team and then assembled in to kits to distribute to our Sewing team.  Each kit included the materials for 10 masks, with pre-cut fabric and elastic.  Over 80 people volunteered to sew masks – it was through their effort, and the help of our amazing Production team that we were able to finish this project strong.  Check out the list of volunteers below!

We appreciate your support.  Working together we can make a difference!

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You guys are amazing, thank you so much! The joy from the staff receiving these masks is unmeasurable […] everyone keeps saying thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kerri Burkett, RN, BSN, Medical-Surgical Oncology and Hospice, Banner Del E Webb Medical Center

Thank you HOT for this opportunity! This is an excellent way for all our family members to be able to help our local community heroes together.

Susy Aleman, Volunteer

The whole hospital officially knows HOT and how amazing you and your team are.  Everyone keeps saying “thank you, thank you, thank you, tell them THANK YOU!”  You have changed our daily lives for the better already.

Kerri Burkett, RN, BSN, Medical-Surgical Oncology and Hospice, Banner Del E Webb Medical Center

This global disaster will affect everyone in some way. I have been personally affected with a daughter who is a nurse who took care of a patient who tested positive for this virus. I have a son who lives in Manhattan, the current epicenter. I am just happy that I feel like I helped out in some small way.  #flattenthecurve #stopthespread #unitebystayingapart

Lori DeWolfe, Volunteer

Thank you for the amazing masks for our school.  It’s so nice to know that we’ll always be prepared with masks.  Thank you for your generosity!

Belen Soto Elementary Staff

Thank you so much for your generosity! The face masks your team made were greatly appreciated and beautiful!

Corte Sierra Elementary



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Masks Made

Thank you for your contributions!!


Beth McGee
Diana Deux
Mary Ann Bartley
Laurie Carlson
Carol Kinney
Mary Scieszinski
Chris Sampson
Sheila Knapp
Donna Walker
Nancy Sarmento
Mavis McLynn
John Fox
Yvonne Schumacher
Karen Bornn
Barbara Adler
Laurie Baxter
Lorenz Steer
Christine Imhof
Debra Dodson
Jianbo Yu
Matt Huffman
Sterling Shelton
Dean Schwartz
Denise Fallon
John Remington
Adriane Olsen
Sandra Merritt
Michelle Himmelberg
Renee Young
Dottie Southard
Gina Worch
Debb Squires
Janis Loucks
David Curtice
Betsy Bolton
Camille Hunter
Racquel Armenta
David Cloer
Maria Elsa Perez
Betty Moore
Carolyn Miller
Wendy Brown
Pam Brown
Ginny Browning
Pete Stabulonis
Linda King
Jeannine & Jim Grayson
Kendra Savage
Sara ONeil
Nancy Goettsch
Rebecca Hejtmanek
Colette Wright
Teresa Moore
Stephen McDonald
Maureen Watts
Vicki Sullivan
Janet Tumminelli
Advanced Value Group
Susan Hanson
Paula Dennis
Sharon Telles
Gail Jones
Linda Emmons
Vicki & Alan Turell
Marianne Ziminski
Bob & Claudia Dausman
Roxie Stempel
Deborah Lewy
Debra McKinley
Rebecca Simon
Blue Sky Organic Farm
Ellen Eisenhower
Tamara Pearson
Wendy McGee
Kevin Belanger
Jennifer Folino
Sue Caricchio
Maria Morris
Tammy Cable
Denise Cole
Betsy Branch
Denise Carter
Shari Noble
Paula Powell
Pamela Tunnell
Simone Hurst
Kathy Polich
Shelly Pederson
Kathryn Prusinski
Tazul Mulk
Meghan Fewins
Susette Wolfe
Nancy Uhler
Andrea Cottrell
Francis Cole
Barb & Rich Murray
Nikki Stewart
Yvonne Hall
Doug & Karin Wilson
Doug & Rosemarie Moore
Linda King
Michelle Himmelberg
Kathleen McMullen
James Street
Jennifer Nealon
Lynsey Hahn
Ferd & Judy Nist
Concepcion Jones
Kim Coleman
Verrado Rotary
Linda Cateriano
Mona Odeh
Evanette Sockyma
Mary Paruki
Bonnie Bartlett
Cathie Pitts
John Gorgenson
Nancy & Ed Roehling
Reba Brown
Susan Newman
Lynne Marie Hagen
Susan Leahey
Larry Atkinson
Tracy Hackbarth
Dean Schwartz
Cynthia Pursell
Pamela Foy
Verrado Community
Isabel Bickman
Annie Hair
Pebble Creek Community
James Riedmann
Ken Kaiser
Kellie McNabb
Todd Garrison
Sharon Ward
Karen Peters
Sharon Martin
Nancy Buthorn
Veronica McCarthy
Deb Neumeyer

Volunteers – Production

Becca Simon
Beth McGee
Bobbi Fischer
Chris Seric
Christine O’Hearn
Donna Dussault-Walker
Janet Tumminelli
Kathy Berens
Laura and Kenny Mott
Mary Parucki
Mavis McLynn
Michelle Himmelberg
Nancy Heppner
Nancy Prentiss
Shelly Peterson
Sloan Clack
Tina Hutchinson
Vicki Sullivan
Wendy McGee

Volunteers – Sewing


Lori DeWolfe
Susy Aleman

500-1,000 MASKS MADE

Barb Corless
Cheryl Karba
Jennifer Franjevic
Linda King
Linh Lam

250-500 MASKS MADE

Beth McGee
Claudia Bredow
Julie Petersen
Julie Thrasher
Kathy Carlson
Patti Unterman
Sally Brian
Shari Turner
Susan Garte
Yvonne Schumacher

100-250 MASKS MADE

Andie Sellers
Anne Hawks
Cindy Shields
Cindy Yackowski
Debbie Carmer
Debbie Langton
Jackie Johnson
Janice Jahne
Joanne Pence
Kathy Goswitz
Kit Mahnke
LaRae Weikert
Lisa Bohannan
Mary Scieszinski
Nancy Uhler
Paula Moore
Rebecca Horvath
Susan Leahey


Brenda Liu
Debbie Pond
Denise Litzinger
Elizabeth Davis
Jan Colby
Jill Caceres
JoAnn Ropel
Joyce Bailey
Kathy Lammert
Kim Gudex
Kris Condy
Lauri Swami
Laurie Carlson
Lorrie Murphy
Lolita Yoder
Mary Hosbein
Mary Noel Kaiser
Tuya Vansickel


Amy Lavery
Amy West
Anastasia Nordyke
Barb Lee
Betsy Bolton
Brenda Byrd
Ceil Seabury
Cheryl Duhamell
Cindy Smith
Claudia Dausman
Connie Lenski
Deborah Baker
Dee Hiatt
Ellen Franklin
Jackie Frost
Jan Loucks
Joy Cook
Kai McKinstry
Kimberlee Geatch
Lolita Yoder
Louise Major
Luanne McCarthy
Lynne Ulsh
Mayra Torres
Michelle Whalen
Nancy Buthorn
Nancy Nemeth
Pat Midkiff
Peggy Moloney
Rita Wrape
Sharon Wefring
Sunny Mills
Susan Shebitz
Terrie Kirkpatrick
Veronica Vossbeck