Sponsor and Donors

We rely on the generosity of our friends, neighbors, and local businesses to contribute financially to support HOT’s mission. Since our inception 630 generous friends, neighbors and local businesses have given over $330,000 to HOT. Their support is what makes HOT possible, and what allows us to make Christmas special for the struggling children and families in the West Valley. We are grateful for everyone’s continued big-heartedness towards HOT.

Donor list last updated 01-18-2023

Inferno Level Sponsors

Dobrusin Financial LLC
Beth and Wendy McGee

Blaze Level Sponsors
($5,000 – $14,999)

Adams Natural Meats
Daimler Truck North America
David Weekley Homes
DMB White Tank, LLC
Barb and Jeff Paulson
Tickled Pink Charity Company
Joanne Verbeck and Bruce Ostrander
Sharon and William Wefring

Flame Level Donors
($1,000 – $4,999)

Mary Adams
Arizona Department of Corrections
Jen and Chris Arntzen
Janet and Jon Aschoff
Bonnie Bartlett
Benevity Fund – Microsoft
Dee Benyi and Janie Tomaro
Linda Borsos
B Plus Design
Breakthrough Beverage
Sloan Clack and Kathy Berrens
Cohere Life
Commencement Bay Corrugated
Barb and Brian Corless
Pam and Jay Dannenmann
Paula Dennis and Nan Kivi
Dr. Christina Khoury
Dream Home Catchers
Donna Dussault-Walker and John Walker
Stephanie Fox
Ganyo Insurance Agency
Gateway Golf
Kim and Gary Gudex
Susan Hendrix
Jen and Todd Hill
Cheryl and Mike Hobbs
Annette and Tom Hodge
Tina and Peter Hutchinson
Christine and Jim Imhof
Integra Golf
Integrated Orthopedics
Jessica and Andy Jackson
Marty Krider
Donna and Rob Kurklen
Kit and Dave Mahnke
Luanne and Don McCarthy
Terri and Chris McDevitt
Kimberly and Kelly McIllece
Sharon and Rob Meissner
Karen Milhous
Peggy Moloney and Elisabeth Woosley
Laura and Kenny Mott
Osborne’s Jewelers
Dana Otis
Palo Verde Pools and Outdoor Living
Julie and Jeff Petersen
Ann Marie Pomerinke
Robson Reserve at Pebble Creek
Carrie and Dan Rosencrans
Rotary Club of Verrado
Lisa Sanda
SeaCa Plastic Packaging
Sheri Spirek, Realtor
Becca Simon
Grayceann and Phil Soukup
Christine Tucker
Nancy and Jeff Uhler
Verrado Golf Club
Walmart Foundation
Krista and Brad Warner
West Valley Mavericks Foundation
Jill and Tim Whalen

Ember Level Donors
($250 – $999)

Cindy and John Adair
Albertson Companies Foundation
Amazon Smile
Michelle and Stephen Andrews
Diane and Tom Armour
Greg Barnhart
Bev and Tom Barrett
Mary Ann and Gerry Bartley
Loretta and Mike Baumann
Kevin Belanger
James Bennett
Michelle Bergstein
Blue Sky Organic Farms
Merrick Blumenthal
Betsy and Mark Bolton
Beth and Tom Braaten
Susan Braithwaite
Claudia and Doug Bredow
Eileen and Pat Brennan
Brilliant Epoxy Flooring Inc.
Eileen and Jim Brisbine
Marilyn Brougher
Trisha Brown
Wendy and Greg Brown
Luisa Cadavillo and Richard Robb
Jean Cameron
Laurie and Pete Carlson
Denise and John Carter
Centro De Salud Familiar LLC
Janet and Les Ciapponi
Denise Cole
Kris and Peter Condy
Cotton Salon and Spa
Alycia Curtis
Desert Diamond Casino
Pam and Chuck Disney
David and Mara Dobrusin
Joseph Dobrusin
Teresa and Randy Drake
Melissa Dungan and Rick Rovner
Kathy Farnsworth and Steve Levitsky
Julie and Norman Fischer
Lori and Ron Fonzi
Fry’s Reward Program
Scott Gallaher
Darlene and George Gayler
Deb and Brad Geiger
Generations Consulting Group
Mary and Mike Ghan
Kathy Gibala
Giggle Golf
Nancy and Dennis Goettsch
Kathy and Mark Gorchesky
Kathy and John Goswitz
Gavin Goudie
Susan and Brad Hanson
Colleen and Ryan Harris
Susan and Doug Hausdorf
Amy Hayslett
Deanna and Bob Herrin
Michelle and Ray Himmelberg
Shelly and Todd Hornback
Arlene and Joe Huff
Phyllis Hughes
Zina and Irwin Hyman
Shelby Ikeda
Julie and Travis Ingram
Linda Jackson
Janice and David Jahne
Kara Jensen
Lori Jensen and Bob Stewart
Gail and Cary Jones
Susan and Andy Jorgensen
Debbie and Chuck K
Amy Keep
Kenall Lighting
Marge and Mark Kessler
Mia Kim
Carol Kinney and Ron Jones
Julie and Rick Kirst
Shelia Knapp and Chris Sampson
Susan and Jim Leahey
Barb and Jeff Lee
Martin Levi
Scott Lewis
Diana and Dave Link
Becky and Bob Lovejoy
Debbie Maki and Keith Nelson
Kelley and Doug Mathis
Mavis McLynn and Gregg Moss
Louise Mead
Dorothy Mellon
Debbie Meyer
Pat and Mike Midkiff
Rick and Carolyn Miller
Pat Minotti
Cary Moist
Elsa and Jim Molloy
Betty and Joe Moore
Debbie and Mike Moore
Paula and Jim Moore
Rosemarie and Doug Moore
Penny Nikel
Sylvia and Rob Nist
Karen and Tom O’Connor
Chris and Tom O’Hearn
Debbie and Norman Olivera
Adriane and Darren Olsen
Susan Osburn
Oxford Financial
Karen and Rick Paxson
Joanne and Anthony Pence
Tami Perdue and Marcia Everett
Shirley and Bob Pirko
Kathy and Lou Polich
Nancy and Rob Prentiss
Kat and Mike Prusinski
Rocky and Kevin Quinn
Julie Ralls and Mar Chandler
Birdie Rand and Tony Lowe
Lisa and Al Rasband
Marissa Rawson and Alan Robinson
Steve Rea
Ann and Mick Remington
Renaissance Catering
Lauri Riddle
April Robbins
Lisa and Bob Rohlf
JoAnn and Don Ropel
Pamela and Jay Rothermel
Monica and Jim Rutherford
Lee Schutze
Stephanie and Dean Schwartz
Jan and Cory Shaffer
Sterling Shelton and Robin Wallmeyer
Barb and Craig Shull
Carol and Bruce Smalley
Janet and Bill Stacey
Rose and Milton Stamps-Proper
Pam and Rob Starr
Anne Stedman
Vicki and Sully Sullivan
Sheri and Rodney Sundheim
Phyllis Thompson
Julie and Jim Thrasher
Gina and Jeff Threet
Thunderbird Custom Design
Lauren and Gregg Trent
Janet and Peter Tumminelli
Barbara and Richard Umbdenstock
Kim Van Hofwegen
Vision Wellness
Veronica and Karl Vossbeck
Lindsay Walker
Rebekah Walker
Shirley Wehking
Sherrie and Bruce Wehner
Sherry and Greg Westhues
Sandra Winters
Andrew and Barbara Wold
Susette and John Wolfe
Renee and Michelle Young

Spark Level Donors
($100 – $249)

Bobbi and Mike Adler
Larry Atkinson
Joyce Bailey
Linda Ballentine
Banner Del E Webb Hospital
Linda Bearden
Carolyn Bernstein
Keith Berthiaume
Isabel Bickman
Jack Blevins
Patti and Bill Bonar
Karen and Bill Bornn
Betsy Branch
Jill and Bill Brogdon
Pam Brown and Mike Hanzlick
Reba Brown
Linda and Dr. Gaston Carrasco
Lisa and Jerry Charley
Lacey Chon
David and Tom Curtice
Claudia Dausman
Jill Diefenderfer
Corie and James Diggs
Mary Dimatteo
Linda and Bert Eaton
Ellen and Jim Eisenhower
Claudia Ellis
Alison England
Su and Jim Erickson
Denise and Steve Fallon
Terri Feutz
Meghan Fewins
Joanne Fimbres
Susan and Harvey Garte
Kathryn Gemilli
Cindy Gilbert
Danette and Jim Gilbert
Andie Goff and Carl Sherer
Rebecca and Jim Graham
Lynne Marie Hagen
Vicki Hedges-Oldani and John Oldani
Roxanne Hendrickson
Amy and John Hoppenrath
Miki and Viktor Hornik
Barb and Matt Huffman
Wendy and Tim Hughes
Stacey and Pat Jarrett
Diane Jennings
Jackie Johnson
Pattie and Doug Johnson
Scott and Sandy Jorgensen
Kaylan and Jay Kelly
Dorothy Kidd-Rector
Linda and Bill King
Linh Lam and Ed Rea
Sue and Rick Lange
Debbie and Scott Langton
Michelle Leschisin
Myra and Daniel Lookabill
Arlene Magdalerio
Colleen Mellon
Julie and Dale Melssen
Sandra and Don Merritt
Teresa Moore
Terri and Mike Moore
Merranda Moreno
Tara and Jamey Morgan
Maria Morris
Barbara and Rich Murray
Debbie Musch
Toni and Darrell Musick
Carolyn and Stephen Naso
Eric Niemeyer
Ferd and Judy Nist
Shari and John Noble
Lorene Palmer
Mary and Ron Parucki
Shelly and Stu Pederson
Nancy Prudente
Michelle Ralston Watt and John Watt
Debbie and Kamal Ranchhod
Patti and Art Reese
Doris and Marc Rhodes
Armando Rodriguez
Nancy and Ed Roehling
Russ Lyons Sothebys
Nancy Sarmento
Jennifer Schachterle
Chris and Dave Schellinger
Carole Schumacher
Yvonne and Bruce Schumacher
Mary and Greg Scieszinski
Vickie and Jay Sesnon
Heidi and Dennis Smith
Sharon and Peter Stabulonis
Gail Stenzel and Heidi Nishi
Kathy Szklinski
Art Teeter
Tracey Teuber and Kirk Winger
Transportation Services NW
Gus Verdes
Nikki Villa
Lindsey Wagner
Sharon Ward
LaRae and Bill Weikert
Karin and Doug Wilson
Jennifer Wold
Cindy and David Yackowski
David Yarbrough
Dana Zalkauskas
Heather Abraham
Advanced Value Group
John Ahalt
Gary and Susan Alshouse
Ted Anderson
Charles Arntzen
Mary Ascher
Linda and George Atchison
Fathi Azzam
Kimberly Banach
Banner Estrella Medical Center
Beverly Baril
Marsha Bartlett
Laurie Baxter
Lindsay Beach
Anne Birdwell
Tammy Bjur
Debra Blackman
Becca Blaise
Katherine Blandino
Rose Blume
Jill Boatwright
Lisa Bohannon
Michael Bonitz
Risa Bracamonte
Rebecca Broderick
Terrell Brown
Ginny Browning
Bob Buckley
William Burmesch
Justin Burning
Julie Burton
Paul Burton
Nancy Buthorn
Melodi Butler
Tammy Cable
David and Charles Cameron
Robyn and Jeff Canfield
Sue Caricchio
Kathryn Carlton
William Carson
Diana Carvalho
Ralph Casal
Linda Cateriano
Fran Chesniak
Lynsey Clay-Hahn
David Cloer
France Cole
Kim Coleman
Rick Contrell
Maura Cooney
Colin Cordery
Andrea and Rick Cottrell
Roxie Cross
Jenny Culver
Mary Cuthbert
Loretta D’Addone
Jennifer Delisa
Amanda Denker
Joan DeYonker
Tony DiMaggio
Rita Dixon
Debbie Dodson
Ann Donahue
Donna and Brendan Doyle
Diana Duex
Teresa Durfee
Vera Eilliott
Maria Elsa Perez
Linda and Dick Emmons
Linda Ernsthausen
Karen Feeley
Christine Ferris
Jim Fish
Rhonda Flanery
Jennifer Folino
Chris Forsberg
David Fox
Pamela Foy
David Freedline
Denise Garcia
Todd Garrison
Jeffery Gill
Kathy Gimelli
Gail Goodwin
John Gorgenson
Jeannine and Jim Grayson
Chris Grider
Karen Grove
Sue Ann Guidry
Susan Guldborg
Jamie Gustafson
Tracy Hackbarth
Linda Hadyka
Annie Hair
Yvonne Hall
Cherie Hardin
Randy Hastings
Rebecca Hejtmanek
Linda Helmig
Jamie Henderson
Mary Henry
William Hewitt
Anita Hicks
Very Holmes
Robert Hopper
Rebecca Horvath
HOT Board
Dave Huellereann
Keith Huffman
Camille Hunter
Pamela Hurley
Simone Hurst
Mary Ann Jackson
Jessica James
Dawn Johnson
Concepcion Jones
Heidi Jones
Jennifer Jones
Marlene Kaiser
Pam and Dave Katz
Christopher Keane
Karen Kisner
Carolyn and Joe Klein
Danni Knowles
David Kondzich
Rick Konopkoa
Diane Koschmeder
Diane Kozak
Jessica and Taylor Landrud
Sharon and Craig Larson
Diane Lawrence
Charlene Laymon
Kirk Leach
TK Lei
Linda Lemke
Connie Lenski
Doug and Julie Lewis
Deborah Lewy
Marcia Litrenta
Jeff Lloyd
Colleen and Jeff Loftsgarden
Janis and Greg Loucks
Debbie Lunke
Kim MacBoyle
Amanda Maness
Suzanne Mann
Lori Marcoff
Christine Martin
Sharon Martin
Brenda Martinez
Sophia Martinez
Jodi and Carter Mathies
Brady McCain
Veronica and Daniel McCarthy
Donna McCurley
Stephen McDonald
Kellie McNabb
Jamie Meredith
Karen Metro
Dana Mitchell
Brian Mock
Robert Monthie
Jennifer Moody
Chey Mortensen
LaDonna Mourne
Jessica Moussa
Tazul Mulk
Linda Mullen-Winer
Lorrie Murphy
Pam and Scott Mustard
Linda Naeve
Jennifer Nealon
Nancy Nemeth
Brooks Neumann
Deb Neumeyer
New Life Center
Susan Newman
Muna Odeh
Debbie Oden
Mark Olson
Sara ONeil
Tina Orsborn
Jim Owens
Lisa and Mark Paulson
Ann Pauly
PayPal Giving Fund
Cyndy Peacock
Tammy Pearson
Joellene and Tom Peebles
Kim Peed
Angie Perez
Karen Peters
Martha and Daniel Peterson
Nancy Peterson
Wilma Phillips
Sue Pinnick
Vicki Pittman
Cathie Pitts
Christy and Martin Pocs
Kristy Poe
IC Ponies
Heather Potts
Paula Powell
Cindy Pursell
Carol Quinet
Henry Raczkiewicz
Leslie and Doug Rager
Rosemary Rantz
James Riedmann
Patricia Rodriguez
Charley Roth
Debbie and Robert Sailer
Salesforce Matching
Kevin Salisbury
Rebecca Salisbury
Mr. Peter Salvi
Kendra Savage
Kathryn and Denis Schumacher
Ceil Seabury
Lisa Self
Sue and Russ Shapiro
Bob and Shirley Shaw
Cindy and Jack Shields
Debbie and Ron Shoemake
Terry and Tom Sigmond
Charan and Dale Singh
Cece and Rob Slinker
Erin Smith
Evanette Sockyma
Mary Sommerfeld
Dottie Southard
Barbara Squires
Deb Squires
Sue and Lorenz Steer
Roxie Stempel
Niki Stewart
James Street
Steve Stringfield
Meredeth Stucky
Jenifer Sunwall
Mahi Tandon
Sharon and Noel Telles
Georgia and James Tench
Tammy and Tom Thompson
Kathy Timmons
Kelly Toskey
Beth Traynor
Heather Triplett
Kelly Tronnier
Henry Truatman
Pamela Tunnell
Vicki Turell
Brad and Nancy Turner
Jody and Dave Turovac
Shirley Tyner
Deanna Vanwestenberg
Roberta Vaughan
Lisa Velazquez
Cindi Ventura
Kathy Vitale
Marc and Kathy Wadsworth
Karen Ward
Maureen Watts
Ann and Mark Weber
Dawn and Bob Weiland
Amanda and Ken Williams
Donna Wilson
Marti Wilson
Rory Winn
Charisse Wolf
Gina Worch
Colette and Brad Wright
Jan Yu and Bill Sherman
April Zahn
Marlyn Zendejas
Marianne Zmyslinski